Change in March Meeting Speaker

The Historical Society of South Australia regrets that the guest speaker scheduled for the general meeting this Friday 6 March, John Emerson, has withdrawn because of illness.

At short notice the Society has recruited Patricia Sumerling to be the speaker, her topic to be Bert Edwards, ‘King of the West End’, the flamboyant politician and philanthropist who is the subject of her recent published biography (Wakefield Press 2019).

‘He was born in obscurity in 1888, although reputedly the illegitimate son of a famous figure. He grew up in the slums of the West End of the City of Adelaide and eventually became the King, with connections and influence everywhere – in the markets, pubs, sporting clubs, churches and prisons. He was a city councillor, parliamentarian and philanthropist, a friend of the poor and scourge of the establishment. Flash in dress and loud in manner, he brooked no opposition. And they say Adelaide was dull!
 ‘He made enemies and it all came crashing down in a sexual scandal engineered against him.
‘He rebuilt his life and died as a troublesome city councillor and revered philanthropist.
‘Here, dark and bright, is Bert Edwards in the full biography that his colourful life deserves.

We hope to see you on Friday evening!
With kind regards,
The HSSA Council