The Journal

The annual Journal of the Historical Society of South Australia was first published in 1975. In 1978 and 1980 two issues were published.

The 50th edition in 2022 was the last in its current form. In 2023 it is expected that a ‘best of’ will be produced and a new format is being designed for 2024. As details are finalised members will be advised. 

Previous Issues

Past journals have been scanned can be accessed here:

Hard copies of the current and some previous Journals are available for $55 including postage. Use the ‘Contact Us’ tab to email the secretary with your request. 

Some back issues are available from Michael Treloar Antiquarian Booksellers, 196 North Terrace Adelaide. Email or phone them with your request.

Links to the Tables of Contents for recent issues and a Subject Index for Journals 1 to 42 are given below. The Subject Index contains bookmarks to take you to each subject heading. The text can also be searched for key words: use Find or Search in the Edit menu. To use these functions, you need to download a copy of the PDF onto your own computer.


Click on the above title to access an index to articles which have appeared in the Journal of the Historical Society of South Australia from 1975 to 2014 (Nos 1 to 42) compiled by Brian Samuels (PDF 305 kB).

Tables of Content are also available for:




HSSA no47 2019


Since the first issue in 1975 all essays were indexed in the Australian Public Affairs Information Service (APAIS). APAIS was maintained by the National Library of Australia and closed in December 2013. It is now available from RMIT Publishing as Informit APAFT (Australian Public Affairs Full Text). Follow this link.

The Journal may also be accessed from various other library and associated websites, including the State Library of South Australia. Access may depend on academic licences and other factors, so a Google search is recommended to find these.

The Newsletter

HSSA newsletter index

Click on the above title to access an index to articles which have appeared in the Newsletter of the Historical Society of South Australia from 1974 to 1992 (Nos 1 to 100) compiled by Kevin Hanigan & Sandra Morton, and edited by Brian Samuels (PDF 727 kB). 

For your interest, the first newsletter of the Historical Society can be found below.

Newsletter No.1 – Dec 1974

Contributions to the Newsletter, renamed History SA in December 1994, are always welcome. Use the Contact tab or refer to the information in the Newsletter.