These Grants, which are awarded from time to time for projects related to South Australia’s history, make possible projects that might not otherwise even get off the ground. The Historical Society of South Australia actively strives to support projects that promote the study, recording, writing and exhibition of South Australia’s stories.

The HSSA Grants Scheme has been in abeyance for a few years but was offered again from 2022. Applications are open for 2023 and will close on March 31. Successful applicants will be notified in May 2023.

A sample application form is available here.

For further information please use the ‘Contact Us’ tab to contact the Grants Convenor. 

Grants for history projects 2023

The Historical Society of SA was very pleased to be able to reinstitute its Annual Grants Scheme in 2022.

The projects approved for 2023 are:

  • Ms Sally Penn, Seymour College Photograph Project. $1000.
    To preserve and document (scan and record) the College’s physical photographic collection of approx. 2300 photographs.
  • Dr Catherine Speck and Jude Adams, Exhibition: Adelaide’s Progressive Art Movement. $976.00.  To assist research for an exhibition about the little-known but important Adelaide-based Progressive Art Movement  1974-1977. The exhibition will be held at Flinders University Art Museum during the 2024 History Festival.