Bernard Whimpress Talk on His Books

State Library of SA

Wednesday 7 August 2019

Hetzel Theatre, Institute Building
1pm to approx 2pm

Admission: $5 General – Staff, Students & Members free

Dr Bernard Whimpress is a writer, editor, niche publisher, reviewer and former curator of the Adelaide Oval Museum. While most of his 38 books are on sports history he has also produced works on city heritage, memoir, photography, Aboriginal history and oral history. He has even written some art history with an introduction to a book, Heidelberg School, and published a few poems.

Bernard attended all three South Australian universities, taking an associate diploma in photography from the former SACAE, and bachelor, honours and doctoral degrees from Flinders University. He has taught in courses on history and journalism at Flinders and UniSA. In 2017 he was awarded a South Australian Life-Long History Achievement Award by the History Council of South Australia. Groucho Marx once quipped that every book has a first edition so he is pleased that The Official MCC Story of the Ashes (written in conjunction with the Lord’s Museum) has been through five editions since 2009.​