Regenerating Places of Faith Conference

Friday 16th August 2019 at Burnside City Uniting Church, Portrush Road, Tusmore

This is the third annual Regenerating Places of Faith Conference. The event will continue the ongoing exploration of how church congregations and their neighbourhood communities can be strengthened by restoring and adapting historic church buildings as innovative places to meet and participate in both worship and secular activities whilst conserving the heritage importance of those buildings.

South Australia’s heritage churches are under pressure due to ageing and diminishing congregations, and from the financial burdens of repairs and maintenance.

The huge global response to the damage to Notre Dame Cathedral earlier this year clearly shows the sense of public ownership often associated with our heritage sacred places. At the prospect of losing a neighbourhood heritage church that embodies the depth of the spiritual, social and cultural feelings of our communities, great passions can be stirred, even amongst non-believers.

Western governments have all recently acknowledged the growing mental health crisis associated with the loneliness and social isolation now prevalent in modern society. The pivotal role that churches could play in helping to alleviate this crisis will be one of a number of themes that will be addressed in this year’s Regenerating Places of Faith event. If you have an interest in the future role that our churches can play in society, and in how they can be regenerated, please join us for what promises to be fascinating, ongoing discussions.

The all-day event – 9am to 4.30 pm – will take place at Burnside City Uniting Church. Registration is through the National Trust of South Australia at Further information and the programme are on the NTSA website and the RPFC Facebook page