Windjammers Talk

The History Trust of South Australia:
Talking History presents


Tuesday 30 March, 2020 at 5.30pm via Zoom

Close up of the mast of a large iron or steel sailing ship. Four men are wrapping up the sails high above the main deck. The ship is sailing in rough seas and there are large waves surrounding the ship.

Windjammers were enormous steel and iron sailing ships that transported South Australian grain during the final days of commercial sail. Sailing yearly from the Åland Islands, in the Finnish Baltic, Windjammers arrived in the South Australian summer to collect grain. They also collected young South Australians keen to learn the ropes. With small crews of 25-30 sailors, the youngest about 13 years old, skilled Captains sailed east and south passing through the tumultuous seas of Cape Horn where their ships, 100 metres long, rode waves that loomed like walls of water.

Join Dr Adam Paterson and Dr Andrew Yip as they set sail through the history of windjammers in South Australian waters, delving into the development of the exhibition and bringing the final age of sail into the 21st century through the creation of an immersive and interactive cinema experience. The installation draws on documents and objects in the SA Maritime Museum Collection, creating an interactive environment with a sense of linked authenticity.

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