Field Trip to All Soul’s Church

All Souls’ Anglican Church, St Peters, 7 July 2021.

On a bright but cold day Historical Society members visited this beautiful church in St Peters. The church was opened in 1916, though the church community dates back much earlier. Patterned in a Byzantine style, with horizontal bands of brick and render, the building would be imposing enough, but the stained-glass windows add a unique character.

In eight South Australian buildings there are fourteen identified windows made by Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co., a decorative arts firm best known for William Morris’ textile designs. Five of these windows are in the All Saints’ Church. There are additional windows by RS Exton & Co in a style the matches the Morris ones, and three which were moved from St Paul’s Church, Pultney Street, when it was desanctified. The Trinity window, which looks the most recent, is actually the oldest and made in 1863.

Members enjoyed a generous home-made morning tea, followed by a talk by Sue, who ably stepped in as the rector is in quarantine because of a trip to the Northern Territory. She gave the history of Canon Murphy who oversaw the construction of the church and pointed out the hidden gems – relics of dismantled early English churches which Murphy had purchased on an overseas trip.

Members were then free to admire the windows and other features of the church. There were pictures of similar Morris windows for comparison and historical photos of church activities, so there was plenty to capture our interest.

The church is currently fundraising to make much needed repairs on the windows, so any members who missed out on this trip are able to contact the church and arrange for a viewing. If you bring a group, they promise to make a good morning tea!