Holden Heroes – ‘Australia’s own car’

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Holden Heroes – The amazing history of ‘Australia’s own car’

Tuesday 20 July, 2021 at 5.30pm via Zoom

Close up of the mast of a large iron or steel sailing ship. Four men are wrapping up the sails high above the main deck. The ship is sailing in rough seas and there are large waves surrounding the ship.

Join Holden historian Don Loffler and National Motor Museum senior curator Mick Bolognese as they discuss some of the most important landmarks in Holden’s manufacturing story.

Joining you from the National Motor Museum’s Holden Heroes exhibition, which features the company’s most prized heritage vehicle collection, Mick and Don will discuss the impact that these vehicles had on Australia after the Second World War. In its golden age, Holden sold about one in every two new cars in Australia, so it’s no wonder that most Australians have some connection with Holden cars, and that the retirement of the brand just a few months ago was so deeply felt. Discover (or remember!) some of Holden’s best known vehicles and rarely seen prototypes, and share your own Holden story at the end if you’re game!

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Don Loffler, the author of a number of hugely successful books on Holden cars, is widely regarded as one of Australia’s foremost authorities on early Holdens.

Since his retirement as Latin and German Master at St Peter’s College, Adelaide, Don has devoted his time to discovering and recovering the history of the Holden motor car in Australia. His quest has led him to uncover countless primary sources and an unparalleled visual record of the nation’s love affair with Holden.