Flinders History Research Seminars

History Research Seminars
Semester 2, 2021
Seminars are held on Fridays 11:15am-12:30pm

6 August Associate Professor Alice Gorman, Flinders University
‘Cold War, hot rockets: colonialism and technology at the dawn of the Space Age’
13 August Associate Professor Christine Winter, Flinders University
‘Lockdown in Friedrichs-Wilhemshafen, German New Guinea: Theories of Pacific migration
and the role of colonial experiences’
20 August Associate Professor Paul Sendziuk, University of Adelaide
‘I, of the Storm: Stories from the Other Pandemic’
27 August Madeleine Regan, PhD candidate, Flinders University
‘“I buy this piece of ground here”: Oral histories of an interwar Italian community in
3 September Dr Timothy Jones, La Trobe University
‘No No Calcutta: The Sexual Revolution and the Making of the Australian New Christian
10 September Dr Prudence Flowers, Flinders University
‘“My Dear Mr. Justice”: Hate Mail, Emotion, and Abortion in the Late Twentieth-Century
United States’
8 October Associate Professor Catherine Kevin, Flinders University
‘Intimacy, domesticity and violence in the long, turbulent mid-twentieth century
15 October Dr Keagan Brewer, Macquarie University
‘The Voynich Manuscript, Dr Johannes Hartlieb, and the Emotions Underpinning GynaecoSexual Encipherment in Fifteenth-Century Germany’
22 October Dr Elisa deCourcy, Australian National University
‘(Re-)Making from the archive: the family as patron, subject and author of early “Australian”
29 October Professor Mohammad Quayum, Flinders University
‘Translating History into Fiction: History and Memory in Selected Malaysian (Singaporean?)
Post-independence Anglophone Novels’

Seminars will initially be online only in Microsoft Teams
When on-campus events can resume, the venue will be
Room 149, Social Sciences South, Flinders University
Enquiries: Associate Professor Christine Winter (christine.winter@flinders.edu.au 8201 5114) or
Dr Prudence Flowers (prudence.flowers@flinders.edu.au 8201 7911).