Overland Telegraph Exhibition

An online exhibition – The Overland Telegraph Line: a transcultural history

The new five-part website (www.otlhistory.sa.gov.au ) launched on 22 August 2022, ‘revisits the history of the Line as a transcultural frontier … [and] aims to reframe the Line’s significance through a more inclusive cultural narrative by highlighting the consequences of the Line’s path through Aboriginal Country, and the vital role played by other non-Europeans in its construction and along its route … [The] website foregrounds the Line’s place both as a tool of colonial expansion and as a complex zone of cross-cultural
contact and exchange.’ (From History Trust of South Australia events@history.sa.gov.au )
This outstanding and indispensable history is in most part produced by Amanda Nettelbeck, Mandy Paul and curators and archivists of the History Trust SA (Jacinta Koolmatrie and Mandy Paul), the State Library of SA (Clare Parker and Jeremy Sibbald) and the SA Museum (Philip Jones and Jared Thomas).