Making History Matter Talk

Postcards from the Edge: Making History Matter – Conlon and Lindsey

For 50 years Keith Conlon OAM has been celebrating South Australian history on television and radio. After five years as Chair of the SA Heritage Council he will be exploring fresh horizons. Dr Kiera Lindsey has been researching and writing history in the academy and presenting Australian history on television and radio for over 20 years and is now passionately advocating to ‘give the past a future now’ at the History Trust of South Australia. 

In this wide-ranging in-conversation rich with anecdotes, Keith and Kiera will explore why South Australian history matters, and who cares about ‘history’ and ‘heritage’ in twenty-first-century Australia and why. This is also a People’s Forum where you can tell us what you think about everything from the way history is taught to how understanding the past has enriched your life. 

Keith Conlon OAM 
Dr Kiera Lindsey 
MC: Sonya Feldhoff, ABC Radio Adelaide 

Date: Tuesday 2 May 2023 
Time: 6pm – 8pm 
Location: Mercury Cinema, 13 Morphett St, Adelaide, SA, 5000 

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Keith Conlon OAM LLB, B.A (University of Adelaide) is a now retired veteran of radio and TV current affairs and magazine programs in Adelaide. With a well-recognised passion for our state’s stories, he earned himself the nickname, ‘Mr South Australia’, during his time as host and reporter on the national award winning show Postcards on NWS9. During his radio eras, he highlighted a wide range of community issues. He has been Chair of the Heritage Council of South Australia since April 2018. His keen interest in our heritage sees him contributing to History Trust of South Australia programs and working on the SANFL Football History Committee. He also continues to support several community organisations. On a different note, he continues to play drums on the jazz scene and has even researched and presented Fringe shows on the fun-nier side of Adelaide’s past, including ‘Keith Conlon’s Horrible History of Adelaide’. A keen photographer, Keith regularly promotes our stories on social media. 

Dr Kiera Lindsey is the History Trust of SA’s History Advocate and principal public spokesperson on South Australian history. In this capacity, Kiera undertakes research, advocacy and outreach to historical organisations, individual practitioners and the broader community, while also connecting with urban and regional communities & other groups to increase appreciation of our distinctive history. Kiera is also an award-winning historian who has been enthusiastically and imaginatively exploring historical ideas and deepening our interest in and understandings of the past, via books and articles, radio and podcasts, film and television, teaching and talking.