Field Trip to Darroch House

A cabinet displaying Victorian and Edwardian mourning jewellery in the entrance hall of Darroch House, Briar Avenue, Felixstow, announces the property’s current use.

From the 1840s to 1938 the property was the home of the Stow, Ballantyne and Marshall families. The Stows experimented in growing wine grape varieties and developed fine orchards over some twelve acres. Following the Marshall family, the property became a private psychiatric hospital, then a Commonwealth Rehabilitation service. Later land sales by the State government reduced the acreage.

Following two years of tertiary student accommodation, in 1998 Des Bowen Funeral Services took over the house and its remaining two acres, and the present owners, hosts to the HSSA visit on 8 February 2019, have been the owners since 2012. Some forty members and friends enjoyed the introductory talk by Wayne Wucsko and the hospitality of his staff.