February Members Meeting

Friday 4 February   7.30 pm

Patricia Sumerling

A chronological illustrated talk on the pubs of Port Adelaide and its suburbs

This talk will cover the varied history of the hotels of Port Adelaide and its surrounds, including Alberton, Birkenhead, Ethelton, Exeter, Glanville, Largs Bay, Queenstown, Rosewater and Semaphore. As you would expect in a port area, there are some lively tales to be told.

Patricia Sumerling is co-author of the landmark publication Heritage of the City of Adelaide: An Illustrated Guide, 1990, and the author of The Adelaide Park Lands: A Social History, 2011. She is the author of Elephants and Egotists: In Search of Samorn of the Adelaide Zoo, 2016 and debuted as a novelist in 2010 with the historical crime mystery, The Noon Lady of Towitta. Having a long term interest in hotel history, her first book on them was Down at the Local: a history of the hotels of Kensington, Kent Town and Norwood. She is now completing a social history of the City of Adelaide’s pubs that is a section cleaved from a larger project on the social history of the pubs of South Australia.